What I do

I am a clinical counselor serving families in Denver, Colorado. I specialize in the treatment of children and families. My goal in working in private practice was to offer specialized counseling services in an environment designed with children in mind.  I most often treat clients with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and behavioral concerns. I also meet with families who are going through difficult transitions. This may include a move, separation, divorce, or the death of a family member or close friend. Sometimes parents want to meet to discuss effective methods of discipline or to consider alternative parenting styles and strategies.


Children and families are resilient and are capable of incredible positive change.  After a few sessions parents often tell me they wish they had sought out counseling sooner. I encourage you not to wait if your child is struggling or suffering. Sometimes it's a phase though often it's not, and counseling is a way to provide your family and your child with lifelong tools to cope with stressful life events and challenges.


We have a play room to accommodate traditional play therapy as well as a movement room where kids are free to play, climb, swing and jump. This is especially helpful when working with high energy kids where sitting on a couch really isn't an option! Children, especially younger ones, don't always have the ability to use words to express themselves. It's my job to be creative in providing them with a variety of ways to communicate their feelings and thoughts.